Finding Hope

You're at this page because you are looking for HOPE

Hi and thanks for visiting our website! You’re at this page because you are looking for hope.

Our church believes in the hope that comes from knowing God through Jesus Christ His Son. The hope in this comes from knowing that God wants a relationship with us – fallen, imperfect human beings. God, who is perfect, holy, and all-powerful, loves you so much that He gave Jesus for you so that you would never be alone as you walk through life but instead you would enjoy the presence and direction of Jesus for now and all eternity!

The Bible tells us that sin has separated us from God. Sin is our determination to do things our way and not God’s. Our world is full of the consequences of living a lifestyle of sin.

As sin has separated us from God, without His wisdom and protection, we are lost in this life and in need of guidance. As Christians, we believe that we need a Savior – someone who can save our souls from the awful state that they are in without God – and a Lord – someone who we can trust with the leadership of our lives.

God saw that on our own we could never make amends for all the ways we have hurt Him and hurt others. This is why He sent Jesus – to die for our sin and pay the penalty for our rebellion. When Jesus died on the cross He took the punishment on Himself that was meant for us for breaking God’s laws.

In so doing, Jesus made a way for us to know God. When we accept that Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, we can also accept that it is only by His power that we are saved and brought into a place of righteousness or right standing with God.

To appropriate this in our lives we have to come by faith in the work of Jesus, ask God for forgiveness for living in rebellion against Him, begin the journey of following Jesus and thanking God for His mercy in allowing us to have a relationship with Him.

If you would like to make this crucial life decision and need guidance as well as counsel on next steps, we would be more than happy to correspond and pray with you. We can be reached by email – or by phone at 905 627 4340.